Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Review - Sephora Total Age Defy Cream

Did you know that if you shop at a Sephora outlet overseas, if you spend above a certain amount, they usually give you deluxe samples for free?? I really do not understand why Malaysia does not do the same??! However the other day, when I shopped at Sephora online through Zalora, I received not one but THREE deluxe samples and a free Sephora pouch! So here is a review of one of their samples.

A dollob of the moisturiser
Blended in
This is just a spare moimoisturizer that I keep in the office to use after my prayers.
It has a thicker consistency and slightly oily but it does the job to keep my face hydrated.
No drastic changes to the face nor do I look any younger. I do look beautiful day after day though !(kidding...not kidding :p).

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