Thursday, 11 December 2014

Review - Urban Decay Naked on the Run Palette

Yeay!!! It's finally in my hand!!

A friend of mine Majjie actually lined up from 8am to get them. She was actually going for the vault but the first 3 in line actually lined up from 8pm the night before!! Crazy right?!

Inside the Palette

Bottom (L-R) - Bronzer, Blusher, 5050 (Eyeshadow base)

Back of the box


The eyeshadows

Bronzer and Blusher

Lipgloss and Eyeliner

I also got a bag and some samples for the purchase.

Free gifts

Had a chance to try out the eyeshadow yesterday and used 5050 as the base and Dive in the corner and crease and added Dare on the crease too. The colours were very light and it didn't really show up on the eyelids. Perhaps I need to use the primer first so that the colours will pop up more. Tried it again today with different shades but it's barely there. Maybe I'm not using enough? Sayang hehe

Top - Yesterday's look
Bottom - Today's look

I also think that FIX and DARE are a bit dull for my liking.
My fave would be DIVE though, the shimmery brown with a pink undertone.

Did you manage to get NOTR?? Or are you eyeing a different holiday palette??

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