Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Hair cut at Hair Channel

It's been almost 6 months since my last haircut with Janet. So my hair was feeling heavy and flat.
The scalp so oily and gross so I just HAD to get it cut over the weekend.

Off I went with my SIL to BSC and saw Janet. The layering that this woman does is out of this world! She cuts it so that it creates volume and movement in my hair. The best thing is, she cuts it so that when I roll out of bed, wash my hair and leave to dry - it comes out just nice without having to spend hours on it! This time around, she put more layers so that I only need to come back in six months!

So here' my new hair. She blew with curly this time and my head feels so much lighter!

The layers from the back
I always hate it when you walk out of the saloon and your hair is amazing but it doesn't last long. After washing it, it falls flat again? Not this time. After washing you can totally see the layers and volume! Love it!!

I swear, no one will ever touch my hair again except for Janet!

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