Monday, 23 February 2015

Review - Real Techniques Nic's Pic

I have been obsessed with brushes lately! I can't seem to have enough. Zoeva brushes on Luxola are always out of stock so I went ahead and ordered these brushes from

Great service from as they arrived 2 weeks after ordering. And the whole set came to less than RM100 inclusive of shipping (RM93)! So it's super great VALUE! This is my second time ordering from iherb so for me it's definitely a reliable site for me.

Now let's get on to the brushes! These brushes have ultra plush bristles so they are super soft! It also includes 3 exclusive new brushes

Nic's Pick
Description of the brushes

1. Duo fibre face brush - duo fibre mean that you pick up less product for a more even application

 2. Cheek brush

3. Angled shadow brush

4. Base shadow brush

5. Eyeliner brush

If you're looking for a set of brushes that's great value for money, I would highly recommend these brushes!!

And here is the bonus, there is a tutorial by Nic herself on how to use these brushes! ENJOY!


  1. Hey, how did you get it to be so cheap? Isn't it like USD30 or something? I also like Real Techniques... been eyeing their core collection for the longest time!

    1. I was really lucky as when I purchased it, I had a $3 discount, and another $5.87 deducted (perhaps from a code? can't remember sorry! i googled it hehe) so the total came up to about $25 inc. shipping!


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