Friday, 27 February 2015

Pulau Langkawi - Westin, Snorkeling at Pulau Payar and Eagle Feeding

In the second week of February when it wasn't a long weekend (there were 2 in Feb this year) we were in Langkawi for a family holiday. I was super excited as I have never been to Langkawi before.

We all took the flight on the Friday morning to Langkawi via MAS so the 12 adults + 2 infants flocked to KLIA early in the morning.

Upon arrival we hired a van at the airport. Apparently it's way cheaper to hire the van there rather than pre-booking. So we managed to squeeze everyone (and bags) into a van and it costed us.....RM300....for 3 days!!! Crazy cheap right?? We went with the booth closest to the main exit door.

Our hotel was the main highlight as well. We stayed at the Westin using the Government rate of RM590 (excluding breakfast). My SIL booked it for us in order to enjoy the Govt rate. The breakfast is RM86.20 per person but it was so worth it! There were so many great facilities at the hotel like the infinity pool and the beach pool but unfortunately we didn't spend too much time at the hotel which was so RUGI! The parents in law and Kimi's sister booked the villa which had it's own private pool, so the kids swam there instead.

Private Pool

So here is the rundown of what we got up to in Langkawi;

Day 1

Arrived and checked into Villa straight away
Kiddos and daddies swan at the private pool
We checked in into our rooms and Nazrin took an evening nap
Went out to Cenang Beach for dinner
Dinner at Orkid Ria

Day 2

Snorkeling time!! Hired a private charter (we wanted to only do a half day snorkeling as the 2 babies were left with Mama and Papa but we ended up spending almost the whole day there! We went snorkeling at Pulau Payar where we swam with the colourful fishes and there were even a few small sharks too! Then on the way back we stopped to feed the eagles (fed them chicken skins! ew!)

Here's a short video of what we did! (Btw used a super easy video editing app called Youtube capture to put this together!)

In the evening we rested at the hotel before heading out to Hj Ismail for some shopping. Bought loads of chocs and also got a Corelle dining set from Papa as a birthday present (each of the married daughters/inlaws got a set).

Day 3

Went to Makam Mahsuri and then we got ready to head back.

Makam Mahsuri
There were so many more things that I wanted to do but we didn't have enough time. Perhaps we'll have to go again in order to go up the cable car (most of them didn't want to go coz they were scared) and do more touristy thing.

Overall I had a wonderful holiday with the family!!

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