Thursday, 17 September 2015

Cheap baby shopping websites

You would think that not much shopping is required for the second baby? But when the mummy is a shopaholic, it's a different case altogether.

Apart from most of the clothes which would be a mixture of hand me downs from the elder brother or the nephew, the rest of the stuff I wanted to buy new. We have bought a new car seat and stroller (Nazrin warned that we had to buy a new car seat and stroller for baby brother), diaper bag (I didn't even have one last time!), cot and mattress (the old cot was stored in the store which was a bit moist so we didn't want to use a mouldy cot so bought new one at Ikea).

I thought I'd share a few websites that I have been buying from.

For my sister's baby shower a few months back, I bought her a Bebe au Lait Muslin Nursing Cover.

I wanted this specific one as the muslin material is supposed to be light and airy. After googling I purchased it from (RM148.29) . However post purchase further research revealed that it was cheaper at (can't remember the price and currently no stock) and now of course I wanted one too so I bought mine at (RM126). 

So from the price comparison of the nursing cover, applycrumby is at the higher price point while jumpingbabyjack is lowest. Babydash pretty reasonably priced but no stock for this nursing cover. 

Here are my list of baby shopping websites with mini short reviews: - more expensive than other website. Not recommended. - good price, lots of variety of baby products - good price, lots of variety and also stock lots of imported brands - good price, lots of variety and also stock lots of imported brands, bought my diaper bag from here. - my friend swears by this website. Great price!

Happy shopping!!!

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