Monday, 29 February 2016

Aaman's birth story

9th Nov - Baby's EDD

Went for our check up with Dr. Micheal as Dr. Suhaiza is on leave for Thaipusam.
Baby is OK and he asked if I felt anything? Nope nothing. So he said "We'll just wait for Dr. Su to come back"

So after the check up, Kimi had to go to work so I asked him to drop me off at Nu Sentral. Went shopping there and walked around A LOT in the hope that it would induce labour. When I got home my feet were so sore so I asked the maid to massage them. It has been said that massaging feet (ankle specifically) would induce labour.

10.30 pm : First show of blood

That night, as I got ready for bed suddenly I felt a wetness. When I checked, it was blood! I know that it may be a while until I actually gave birth so I wanted to wait at home until the morning perhaps. But when I peed, a clump of blood came out. I wasn't sure that was normal or not so we headed off to the hospital.

11.00pm ; Headed to the hospital and started feeling mild contractions

10th Nov

12.00am - arrived at the hospital

Once we got to the hospital, they wheeled me straight to the labour room.

12.45am - VE 0.5cm

Then the midwife did a VE and oh my did that hurt!! All my previous VEs with Dr. Su, I didn't feel anything but this time it hurt so bad! The mid wife said that I have a 0.5cm opening so it will be a while. She said I could come back later or stay but we decided to stay. Contractions getting stronger.

04.00am - woke up bleeding, put on CTG

I was in and out of sleep and at 4am more blood. They hooked me up to a CTG to monitor the contractions and the baby.


Dr. Micheal came in and he did another VE. And boy that hurt even more! I am now open at 3cm, but his head was still a bit high. He also proceeded with breaking my water bag.


I was pretty sure and scared that I won't be able to handle the pain so I know that I wanted epidural. I wasn't going to try to be a hero so at 12 my epi came. It took a while to go in as apparently I had a thick layer of fat on my back!! He used the longest needle (8cm) and it went ALL THE WAY IN! The anest kept asking if I had put on a lot of weight and kept saying that I had a lot of fat. Not the kind of thing you wana hear before giving birth!


Dr Micheal came back to check on my progress. Now at 4cm but the head is still high. He said he'll give me a few more hours and hopefully by then I would have good progress and the baby would get lower into the birth canal. Luckily the epi is working now so I didn't feel any contraction pain and when he did the VE.


Another painless VE and unfortunately no progress at 4cm. The head is also 1cm above to where it is suppose to be (ie still too high) so Dr. Micheal wanted to do an emergency c-section. I have always had it in my head that I shall try for a normal birth but if there are any complications I wouldn't hesitate for another c-sect. So then all the nurses came in to prep me for my operation.


Wheeled into the OT and another cut to the tummy. By 3.46pm Aaman was out already! He cried from the moment he was out. Good pair of lungs on that boy! After they cleaned him up, I got to hold him for a few minutes and he cried then too. Then he was taken to the nursery. As the doc started to close me up, I started dozing off in and out of sleep which is mostly the effect from the epidural.

He's OUT

First contact

Luckily this time, Aaman was not in the NICU so he was wheeled into the room with us that evening when the families visited. Alhamdulillah everything went well. Here are a few more pictures of him.


Finally home

Skinny mini soaking up vitamin D

His tiny feet

He has grown quite quickly since then. Now at 3.5 months he has gained 4.4kg and 12 cm.

Having a new baby really does remind you of how grateful you are to the Almighty, to be given this precious gift! Alhamdulillah syukur. Now I am just trying my hardest to treat them and give time to both of them fair and square. Admittedly I am spending more time with Aaman these day as I am breastfeeding but luckily Kimi has been spending extra time attending to Nazrin. Just watching Kimi playing with light sabres and Ninja Turtles with Nazrin, my heart just melt. My boys are super lucky to have him as their dad.

So far Aaman has been a good boy. He usually wakes up once or twice at night for a quick nurse then he goes back to sleep. During confinement when we were staying at mum's he wasnt bothered by loud noises ie his bro and cousin playing and screaming. But now he is more alert and aware of his surroundings so he easily wakes up from his naps. I now avoid taking him out at night as he cannot stay asleep when we are out and that disturbs his sleep time and it also means i can't go out at night. Anyways loving to witness his growth and milestine progress. May he grow up to be a good and soleh son. Amin for Aaman. 

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