Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Aqiqah Aqif and Aaman

The aqiqah ceremony was held a month after Aaman was born. It was a joint do together with his cousin Aqif (my sister's son). The ceremony which included the marhaban, tahnik and gunting rambut was held at my mum's house.

We got our aunts from Hanna Petals to do a mini crib dais. We wanted a simple yet elegant dais
and they did not disappoint! We loved the round white crib and the combination of hydrangeas, white roses and eustomas.

We ordered 4 lambs for the event, 2 of which was roasted while the other 2 was made into a "gulai". No surprise that the grilled lamb finished in a jiffy! Any event would not be complete without an order of desserts from my fave baker @nhomebakes.

We also hired the same photographer Hanif who shot Nazrin's fireman party. It was such a relief not think about having to take pictures. Hanif was very good who kept reminding us to stop and pose so he could take the shot. We were all happy with the pictures he shot.

Our family of four

Aaman doesn't look too happy here

The celebrated boys

Mummy dearest

The Razaks - unfortunately Mama and Papa had to leave already 
The Shammys - sans Icky so we put a pic of him
Alhamdulillah we had a great turn out. So many friends and families came to see Aaman and Aqif. By the end of the day, all the food was finished! Thank you so much for coming everyone.

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