Thursday, 18 February 2016

The Bucket Bag

The first time I saw somone using the bucket bag was on my SIL way back at least 4 years ago where she used it as her diaper bag! She had the LV noe in monogram but back then I didn't really fancy it. Then LV released the petit noe in epi leather in beautiful striking colours.

So since then I kind of wanted one. Mansur Gavriel also released their bucket bags in many colours!

But to spend around RM3k - RM4k for a tiny bucket bag, I just couldn't bring myself purchase it.

Then the local handbag designer Sometime (the ones who brought sofinas to ALL our closets) released their version called the Niko Niko. Those sold off like hot cakes as well. When they released the mini version (which I missed DAMN!) all hell broke lose (read:their website crashed). Earlier this week they released the big sized Niko Niko. That morning I tried to get on the website but no luck! I thought it was just my crappy office internet connection but apparently their server went down again. Later that night I saw that they finally released it and managed to grab one in Dusty Rose! Yeay!!

This size is more practical as the mini one small but the mini one is oh so cute! But I can fit all my daily stuff like wallet, phones etc and most importantly my Madela Pump (just the pump as I have a separate cooler bag). And at RM179 I just couldn't resist! Did you grab the #perfectbucketbag too?

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  1. yes I did! I got navy. so in love with the bag :)


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