Thursday, 28 July 2016

Natrina's birthday - Baked in Chelsea cupcakes

As the baker of the group, at each one of our birthday last year she personally made all of our cakes with lots of love.

My make up cake
Jid's huge pavlova

Obviously we don't bake so this year, I made a point to get cakes from Baked in Chelsea. Fortunately, they now offer delivery services so I ordered the cupcakes. I ordered all flavours so that she could do her "research". If you don't know already she bakes @nhomebakes (instagram) and her cakes are delish!

So we surprised her with the cakes during the birthday lunch and she was super excited!

Happy Birthday Natte!
The cupcakes
The Chelsea - my fave!
You can order your cakes from

We had lunch at Porto Romano where I had their squid ink pasta! It was so good and I highly recommend it (sorry no pic as I was too hungry!).

Group pic - sans Drog
Happy birthday partner in crime, jiran sebelah, best friend! I love you loads! xx

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