Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Review - Lunch at Nobu KL

“Nobu is the world’s hippest restaurant chain.”

Touted as the hippest restaurant, usually frequented by celebrities I finally had the chance to experience Nobu. I went there with my friend Diana and my sister for lunch.

As we have never been to Nobu before, we left Diana to do the ordering. I must say her choices were pretty spot on as I loved all of the dishes she picked. Check out what we had! (Disclaimer: I am no foodie so my description may not be spot on, so apologies!)

1. Nobu scallop tacos RM18
This was so pricey! I thought it was RM18 for the whole plate but it turned out to be RM18 each! I could have definately given this a miss.

2. Salmon New Style Sashimi RM65
Broiled salmon with soy sauce

2. Baby tiger shrimp tempura in creamy spicy sauce RM60
This was soo delish!! Loved this!!
Juicy succulent shrimp but crispy on the outside with spicy sauce.

3. Chilean Sea Bass RM140
The sauce on the was to die for. It was sweet and spicy.

4. Sushi
Salmon and eel sushi (no pic sorry!)

5.Dry Aged Prime Ribeye Anticucho RM155
Juicy and tender beef with 3 different sauces. I had this with rice as I was still hungry then :p

6. Bento Box RM35
Molten lava cake with Macha ice cream.

Overall, the food was undoubtedly delicious but it comes with a hefty price tag. You also need to know what you are ordering so that you don't waste your money ordering something you don't like. Personally, I think once is enough as I can't afford to dine here often. Our bill came to RM800++ eekk! But everyone should go there at least once!! The dinner menu is much more extensive so you may prefer going for dinner as well.

Lunchie with Diana and Teerah
Thanks for the company and lovely lunch girls!

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