Monday, 10 April 2017

Bag update!

Hello hello!!

I haven't had any bag update in a while! Well truth be told, I haven't bought anything new. I have been checking out these bags though. *Swwooonnn*

But obviously, these are all wayy outside my budget. So for now this will have to do!

My sister in law was in Europe a few weeks ago. I actually asked her to buy for me a wallet for Kimi. Not sure who reads this blog these days but the wallet is a surprise! So SSSSHHHH don't let it reach to him that I got him his present already!!! So after choosing his wallet (over Whatsapp, personal shopper style! Thanks Kak!), I gatal and ask her to get me a business card holder! 

She was shopping in Venice at the time and they didn't have the card holder in damier ebene as it was out of stock. Then kakak showed me this alternative in epi leather which I have never seen online! So I told her to get it!

It has 2 extra slots on the front and another slot on the cover.

I love how spacious it is inside though. I can put my business cards AND all my other cards as well. It's perfect!!

I can even use this when I use my smaller bags. Just quickly slip my IC and licencse at the front. One credit card inside and pop it into my handbag! Glad I bought this!!

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