Tuesday, 9 July 2013

25 weeks to a new me - Month 1 update

I had my first weigh in last week and I am happy to report a loss of 2kgs!! And i am top 3 (women) highest percentage lost for this month. Super stoked!!! Woot woot!!

So for the first month I went for the weekly group session with the trainer where they showed us work outs that we could do at home. These are the exercise that we did (sorry I made up some of the names - these are mainly for my own purposes..ceh bukan buat kat rumah pon)

On top of that I went for my usual aerobic classes on Tues and Thurs. I only did my own workout at home once last month! But luckily it was enough to lose 2 kgs.

Otherwise I have totally cut down on the rice that I ate. If I ate nasi lemak for breakfast, lunch would be cereal or oats then a tiny bit of rice for dinner.

Really hope to lose at least 2 more kgs during puasa and keep it all off during Raya. Will update again after puasa!

Selamat Berpuasa everyone!!

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