Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ann's Bridal Weekend in Bali

My best friend from my high school years is getting married in August. So we threw her a bridal weekend in Bali!

All the other girls flew in on Friday for 2 nights while I only went for 1 night as I didn't want to leave my Little Man for more than a night (first time away from mummy!)

I took the 12.05pm flight and arrived at Denpasar at 3pm. It took an hour to pass through immigration! There were so many people around and the queues were so long. After immigration, I had arrange for a car from the villa to pick me up. Lucky I did coz the villa was in Seseh about an hour drive from the airport. Unlucky for me, we were stuck in a jam for 2 hours and if I were in some random cab I would be freaking out already!  But the view of rice paddies on the way  was breathtaking.

We stayed at Sejuk Beach Villa in Seseh and it was gorgeous!

I arrived just as they were setting up for dinner which was the main highlight of the weekend. The theme for dinner was Hawaii and the table setting for the night was just gorgeous. Everyone dressed up according to theme and it looked even better on photos!!

We had a BBQ dinner whilst listening and singing to old school tunes like Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys! It was brilliant!! Then after dinner we played a few games such as a naughty version of pin the tail on the donkey, dare games, guess the position and marshmallow stuffing competition. It was hilarious and obviously none of the pics are appropriate to be shared here. By 1 am we were all knackered already and off to bed we went. What a great uninterrupted sleep I had! It was just refreshing not to be woken up for nens. 

We all woke up early the next morning for breakfast as some were catching the midday flight back. After breakfast we called up the masseuse and I had an hour and a half massage and also a pedicure by the pool all for RM120. Then we had a swim in the pool and after that we all got ready to checkout.

Before leaving we went around the villa to take more pics and also dropped by the beach.

Check out our goody bag. Everyone contributed something into the bag and the bride to be even gave us a surprise gifts for everyone and we all got so much stuff in the end! 2 La Senza undies, one boxer shorts, slippers, a necklace, body scrubs and lotion, lip gloss, candies and also see if you can spot the naughty toy!

pic courtesy of Lynne

 So there you go, my one night in Bali. It was short and sweet but enough. It was great to hang out with my high school buddies again and it was just like old times with Ann's bimboness and Nadia's loudness. Paris was the life of the party as usual. Thank you so much everyone who made the trip happen especially Diana who did most of the organising.

As for Ann, we waited a long time for you to find your man and when you did he is TOTALLY the man. You guys were made for each other and it's amazing how compatible you guys are. You guys are blessed to have each other and I pray that you have great and happy marriage with of course lots of babies (TWINS! she wished for twins at her birthday party this year!). Can't wait for the wedding!!

[PS: The scenery pictures were edited using an app called Camera+ USD1.99 but totally worth it!! I always wondered how other people's pics are so beautiful!]


  1. cantik pictures you!! n yes totally worth it kalau jadi camni hasilnyer :)

    1. kan? i have been playing with it all day long! hehe


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