Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Allergic Reaction to Voren

Little Man started to have a temparature on Monday morning and when I picked him up from work he was still a bit hot. So that night I gave him paracetamol ("PCM") but at midnight he woke up crying and his temp was up again.

Another dose of PCM but his fever didn't break all night long even with me sponging him. So at 3am we took him to the clinic but the doctor said his throat was fine and temp was at 38 degrees, so he gave more PCM and some suppository called VOREN as well on standby. The next morning as his temp still hasn't gone down (i.e. whole body still feels hot) i told my MIL to give him the suppository to break the fever and she did. He had his milk and went down for his morning nap.

VOREN - Diclofena Sodium

Half an hour later he woke up crying and his eyes were swollen and he was getting hives (red large bumps) on his body! My poor baby!!

Luckily the hubs was still at home so he took Nazrin back to the clinic. By the time they got there, both his eyes were so swollen that they were shut. He was crying and scratching and saying that it's itchy. The doctor traced back the meds that were given to him and suspected that he was allergic to the suppository VOREN (as that was the only thing he took that morning). They gave him a shot of steroid and Alhamdulillah within about 10-15 minutes the swelling reduced. The hives that was covering pretty much his whole body before also quickly subsided. Alhamdulillah!!!

The weird thing was he has been given that medicine before and it didn't trigger an allergic reaction. So we were surprised that it did this time. But apparently the allergy can develop any time so we have to be careful next time with NSAIDs medication (Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug).

The most prominent members of this group of drugs are aspirinibuprofen, and naproxen, all of which are available over the counter in most countries (source:wikipedia)

I am grateful that Kimi was home then to take him quickly to the clinic for the shot. There was a possibility that his airways could swell up too! Alhamdulillah it didn't get that far as his lungs were clear when they checked it at the clinic.

What a scary experience! Luckily we figured out the cause of the allergy and managed to rectify it in time before it got worse..Alhamdulillah he was fine in the end. Now he still is feverish but low grade so I really hope that ends soon! Amin

Left - At the start of the allergic reaction
Right - After his shot, not so swollen anymore

Can't imagine how he looked like at the clinic at the height of his allergic reaction. Confirm Mummy nangis tgk!!

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