Saturday, 16 November 2013

Marriage is not easy

I try not to divulge much on the personal things in this blog but a few nights ago we had a projectile vomiting episode by N and a fight ensued. When I say fight, it's just me feeling upset and crying and him watching Bear Gryls (seriously why are men so clueless?!). So the next morning I texted (who texts these days?? I mean whatsapp) how I felt and that didn't make anything better. But a few hours later I messaged back with those kissing smileys. I dunno, I just didn't feel like fighting anymore and more smileys were sent. He was silent until i told him (paksa :p) to reciprocate the massive love i sent him which he obliged hehe.

Then I came across this article and it's a good reminder for us all to keep working on the marriage. A normal marriage has it's up and down and you just have to keep going at it and never give up.

Read full article here:

10 Marriage Tips a wife should hear

  1. Respect your husband.
  2. Guard your heart
  3. God, husband, kids…in that order
  4. Forgive
  5. Over-communicate
  6. Schedule a regular date night
  7. Never say the “D Word”
  8. Learn his love language
  9. Never talk negatively about him
  10. Choose to love.

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