Friday, 27 December 2013

My 2014 Beauty Resolutions

I absolutely cannot believe how quickly 2013 has gone by?!!
Have you all checked back with your 2013 resolutions and have you managed to achieve them??

I think my main goal for 2013 was to loose weight and that feels like a losing battle! Grrr

Anyways with the new year coming let's talk about 2014's resolutions and specifically BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS.

My 2014 Beauty Resolutions:

  • Lose weight (bosan dah tgk ni dlm list!)
  • Drink 3 litres of water per day!! the benefits of this is HUGE as I have written it here and here
  • To make more effort in wearing make up. Usually when I have bought something new or i have a meeting, I'll make the effort to wear make up but otherwise haihh...malas!
  • To try and switch to a more natural, organic product. I have started with using Argan Oil on my face. So searching around for a more chemical-free, no artificial coloring and also one that uses natural plant ingredients. 

One brand that springs to mind is YADAH! It is a Korean botanical skincare projects using natural plant extracts like essential oils, flower waters. The products base are also made from powerful anti-inflammatory and highly moisturising natural ingredients which I think are suitable for my skin.

Luckily the first event for the Butterfly Project for 2014 is a collaboration with Yadah! Hurry it ends tonight!!

So I would love to get to know the products more!! And check out this new product of theirs too!
The new sweet milky tint, which is their best seller in Korea. I presume this is like the Benetint.

So here's to a more NATURAL 2014!

Disclaimer: Au natural no make up look but used a filter for this pic! hehe


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