Thursday, 27 February 2014

Anterior Cruciate Ligament

My first ACL injury occured back in 2012. I was playing volleyball and I was trying to get the ball so my body turned but my right leg didn't follow. Just like described below;

I felt it snap and after an MRI it was confirmed that I had a partial tear on my Anterior Ligament (ligament at the back). 

So I did physio sessions done and over time (ie about 1.5 years) it was ok. I had to wear a knee guard when excersizing and occasional instability when walking was normal.

Then over the weekend while we were in PD, I did something silly. I was trying to do those jumping shots by the beach and I snapped my knee again! Literally SNAPPED it that my sis-in-law heard it! Fell immediately on the sand, but since this is the second time I kinda knew how to handle it. I iced it to bring down the swelling and wrapped it up with a bandage. I was still able to walk but limping. 

That happened on Sunday, so I waited til Tuesday to see my physiotherapist. My usual doc is away but the physio said that I needed an MRI to check the degree of the tear. Usually, from a partial tear, it might have been fully torn this time. A fully torn ligament does mean a recommendation to operate! Yikesss!!! My MRI appointment is next week on Tuesday so we just have to wait till then. 

This is the photo that caused it all. A second before it snapped! My last ever jumping shot. Lucky the photo turned out well coz I can never EVER do this again.

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