Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Fancy Breakfast Club

For Jid and Ad's birthday, we went to The Fancy Breakfast Club ("FBC").
Situated at No 76, Jalan Limau Purut in a terrace house - FBC caters for brunch on weekends and breakfast on weekdays.
The brunch starts at 11am - 2pm and costs RM75 per head.
Do book early (Thursday is the cut off for bookings) for the weekend brunch and they only have capacity for 20 people.

The chef, Basira was so kind and accommodating. They were serving to the theme of Subtle Sixties and all table cloths are tie dyed. I emailed her to change so that our table cloth is white to go along our theme and she happily obliged.

Our table setting

Now on to the buffet ;

This is the buffet breakfast spread. I was expecting more but I guess FBC concentrates more on quality than quantity.

Cheese spread
Yoghurt and fruits
Cereals with dried fruits
Upside down Pineapple cake
2 types of freshly baked bread
2 types of pastries
Iced Tea in jars
Pineapple Soda

On top of that you get to choose one main and one dessert.
The choices are per the menu below:

I chose the Beef Bourguignon for my mains

They were so delicious!! Tender braised meat wrapped in herb crepe.
My son absolutely loved it!! He kept saying "Nak beef mummy!"
(I am salivating as I type this and it doesn't help that I'm fasting too!)
Unfortunately I think the portion was too small!! I didn't have enough *boo*

Then onto desserts, French Toast!
Beautifully plated french toast.

French Toast with Summer Berry Coule and cream
Again, it was so good that I nearly cried when it finished!

We bought a cake for the birthday girls too and they beautifully decorated our simple red velvet with flowers and presented it on a wooden board. They made the cake look so beautiful and perfect with our rustic theme!!

bagbeautybaby VERDICT

  • The breakfast served on that day was SUPERB!
  • Everything was so delicious that I couldn't get enough. So the downside of this place is that the portion was too small for my liking (read:pelahap hehe).
  • I loved the warm bread that they served and their drinks are delicious too.
  • Unfortunately I was hoping for a bigger spread as the price I paid (RM75) could get me a huge breakfast spread at a hotel. 
  • But like I said, this place probably goes for quality (in terms of the ingredients used) rather than quantity. 
  • As the brunch was held inside a house, it can be slightly cramped and HOT. Our section was particularly hot with no direct air conditioner blasting.
  • Do note also that this place has no high chairs, so take that into account when bringing kids. Nazrin was big enough to sit on the chair and he loved roaming around and making friends with the people at FBC.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this place for the experience. Super sedap (delicous) food and great service from everyone at FBC! And they change the menu every 2 weeks, so I would definitely be coming back for more!

The Fancy Breakfast Club
No 76, Jalan Limau Purut

+6012 200 4301

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