Friday, 25 July 2014

Baju Raya

So how's your preparation for Raya going?
How many outfits do you have??

This year I sent 2 sets of materials and border lace to the tailor and I got the back the other night.

Left is the sample and right is the outcome! So totally different kan?!

L: the inspiration R: the outcome

I specifically asked her to place the lace as per the picture but clearly she didn't follow. The bottom is too big too! So I have to take half a day off to go back to the tailor to get it altered.

Since I was frustrated, I bought another baju from Zalora yesterday. Luckily it was at 20% off and then I had a voucher code so I got it cheap!! 

Marlene by Syomir Izwa

I love how there are so many choices of ready made baju raya online nowadays. I also bought Bibah from Rizalman. Love the cutting on this. I find that Rizalman's RTW has one of the best cuttings. JM is a bit out sometimes :p

Bibah by Rizalman

So have you bought anything online? Share them with me!

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