Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Salam Aidilfitri 2014

Hello everyone!!! First of...

How was your Raya celebration?? For us, despite the 8 hour LONG journey back to Nibong Tebal, it was pretty awesome.

First day raya was spent at Kuala Kangsar (my side). I wanted to go pray at Masjid Ubudiah but I couldn't. Kimi went with Nazrin but they didn't stay to shake hands with the Sultan. If I were there, I would have waited and insisted a picture! hehe

After prayers, we had our salam and photo session. This year's theme for our family was Red and White. Merah mak ngah for the ladies and white for the men. Unfortunately, my brother Icky wasn't around this year so we were one short.

I just want to share my ootd. I actually really want to highlight my shoes . This was given to me as a birthday present and I LOVE it! Shoes were from Adila Long. 

I was also happy with how my baju raya turned out in the end! after altering the bottom to make it smaller i love the final flow of it!


After we had our photo sessions (yes they were many!) we headed up North to Penang.
This year, many of papa's (hub's dad) siblings came back so they house was very meriah.

We took pictures by the parit! haha

With Kimi's mama, siblings and cousins

Day 2 of raya was spent helping out the family as 2 of Kimi's cousin is holding their reception the following day.

Day 3 - wedding time!

Selfie with the family
I love that photo of smiling Papa

Day 4 - we went back to KL in the morning. NO TRAFFIC! yeay

Day 5 - Raya at Diana's house

Day 7 - CBA girls came to Raya at mine's

Natte wanted to come beraya at mine's so I invited the rest of the girls too. In the end, everyone could make it all the way to Bangi!! I cooked my rendang dendeng and everyone loved it! Glad that I managed to host the CBA raya this year. I told them, let's just pick one house a year and do our raya there! I may have just started a new tradition :p

Hope your Raya was an eventful one too.
I am back at the gym this week. Trying to work out 5 times a day for 25 mins at least!!
Let's do it!!

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